With a full-automatic intelligent color matching system, Lefancaps® is able to make different colored empty capsules with synthetic, natural pigments and, ferric oxide, ensuring the capsule color uniform and undifferentiated.

Lifan Capsule

The full automatic intelligent color matching system can use synthetic, natural, ferric oxide and other pigments to make hollow capsules of different colors. The colors of Lefancaps® come from the following sources:
Natural food pigment: Pigment extracted directly from animal and plant raw materials through certain techniques.
Features: No harms to human bodies, some even are beneficial supplements to human bodies.
Application scopes: All products, especial for plant hollow capsules.


Synthetic food pigment: Artificial synthesis, coming from the aniline dye segregated from tar.
Features: Bright, strong tinting strength, a variety of hues and low cost.
Application scopes: Large-mass, continuous production, ensuring the uniformity of colors and widespread application.


Pigment of ferric oxide: Natural minerals.
Features: Good dispersity; excellent light and heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and solvent resistance; Good pigmentation rate, without pigment bleeding and color mobility.
Application scopes: All products.

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