Adoption of hard work and persistence in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years, Lefancaps® has established its corporate strategy of "innovation leading production, service instead of selling", focused on research and development and production of hollow capsules, and insisted on becoming a technology-leading and promising enterprise.


Trend and Opportunity
Under the pressure of economic downturn, Chinese enterprises are facing severe challenges, and the manufacturing industry, as the mainstay of the industry, takes on more risk and responsibility. Although China faces many social problems such as "food safety", "drug safety", "ageing", it's still a country full of infinite possibilities and energy. There have been numerous great companies, gaining worldwide attention.


Aging society is a very good chance for pharmaceutical and health industry. Under such an overall environment, Lefancaps® shall, with its excellence of production, spirit of sincere services, continue to walk in the industrial front for expanding the breadth and depth of services. What takes from the people shall be contributed to the community.


Core Capacity
Lefancaps® dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry for years, with scaled, standardized and systemized production, actively developing new products, advancing technology innovation, and guaranteed the competitiveness of the enterprise. In recent years, Lefancaps® showed much concern to mature markets, developing markets and frontier markets and formulated appropriate strategic plan. It walks in the industrial foreland and actively promotes changes in manufacturing industry, with innovation leading production and service instead of sales. Lefancaps® builds up quality products, creates corporate values, optimizes management and enhance corporate value.


Business Strategy
Lefancaps® is not only a manufacturing enterprise, or producing hollow capsules. It shall pilot the production with scientific and technological innovation. It shall recombine the traditional modes of production and marketing with new technologies, new ideas and new service, and become a health-caring, technology-leading and promising enterprise of science and technology innovation.


Lefancaps®, in the field of capsule manufacturing, pursues to be, even beyond, an international first-class enterprise. To provide excellent services shall be the next focus of Lefancaps®'s development. Product-servicisation and service-productization shall replace the idea that services are supplementary to product sales. Lefancaps® shall be a partner full of passion and mission in customer service.

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