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Lefancaps® was founded in 2001, and it is a high-end professional production and service provider of hollow capsules. Adhere to the working attitude of "doing ordinary things with extraordinary power" to keep a foothold to respect each individual life and start from the details to do each ordinary work as good as it gets. As the hollow capsules professional production service provider, we devote ourselves to reducing the oral drug taking pain, discomfortableness and administration difficulty, improving the absorption effect and even helping people more pleasantly enjoy healthy products. By virtue of excellent technology, safe and stable product quality and efficient "one-stop" service, it is becoming the global capsule dosage form leader. The enterprise has passed the certification of several international professional institutions including FDA, NSF, DMF, ISO9001 and ISO14001, etc. The product services have spread all over China's each province and more than 20 countries and regions including The United States, Canada, European Union, Australia, Turkey, Russia and South Asia, etc, which have been widely recognized by the global pharmaceutical and health industry.

Up to now, Lefancaps® has formed the development model by taking four major businesses of "science and technology, innovation, service and production" as the engine and it has set vows and aspiration to go abroad to stride forward the globally first-class hollow capsules service provider and biological scientific and technological research and development group. Neither Lefancaps® becomes "China's leading", nor becomes "Chinese manufacturer possessing the global market", while is to become "the globally first-class brand" and is to become Lefancaps® belonging to the world.