Customized services for CRO/CMO/CDMO hollow capsules

Lefancaps®Is a focus on hollow capsule research and development, manufacturing, service of science and technology companies, we have rich experience in the industry, can be for the hard capsule dosage form of new drugs, generic drugs or functional food development, to provide customized hollow capsule products and services.
In the preclinical research stage of the drug, according to the dissolution requirements of the drug and the specified use, we make the hollow capsule in the dissolution process can help the drug dissolution process to achieve the expected development and design through the technology of materials and processes, which is consistent with the original development agent. In terms of meeting the specified use, the expected functions can be realized in liquid filling, inhalation, animal experiments, etc.
The differentiated hollow capsules we have developed have been widely adopted by scientific research institutes.

  • Hypromellose hollow capsule (no gelling agent) H-caps®-pure
  • Delayed Release Hypromellose Hollow Capsules H-caps®-DR
  • H-caps of Enteric-coated Hypromellose Hollow Capsules®-enteric
  • H-caps of Hypromellose Hollow Capsules for Inhalation®-DPI
  • Gelatincaps-liquid of gelatin hollow capsules for liquid filling
  • H-caps of Hypromellose Hollow Capsules for Liquid Filling®-liquid
  • Preclinical Gelatin Hollow Capsule Gelatincaps-preclinical
  • Preclinical Hypromellose Hollow Capsules H-caps®-preclinical

Whether you are in the pharmaceutical industry or the food industry, you can contact us if you have any demand for hollow capsules in hard capsules.

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