Exhibition Review | Lifan Capsule Appears at 63rd (Autumn 2023) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and 2023 (Autumn) China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo


This year's expo attracted a total of 1575 brand exhibitors from 23 countries and regions with more than 10,000 sets of products in the expo center. The Lifan capsule team conducted technical exchanges with other companies in the industry, and demonstrated the application of Lifan capsule innovation technology in industrial upgrading to well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. It also brought emerging effects through in-depth ideological collisions and contributed to the development of the industry. New ideas have won unanimous praise from all companies. During the exhibition, Jiangsu Lifan Capsule has reached preliminary cooperation intentions with more than 15 well-known companies at home and abroad, and achieved fruitful results.


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From November 13 to 15, 2023, the R & D, design and marketing team of Jiangsu Lifan Capsule Co., Ltd. participated in the 63rd (Autumn 2023) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and 2023 (Autumn) China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo held in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Jiangsu Lifan Capsule, as a leader in the domestic capsule manufacturing industry, demonstrated to the guests the advanced products and technologies of Lifan Capsule: Capsule/Tablet Weighing Machine MWS-90, MWS-125 and Hollow Capsule Feeder Lefancaps CE30.

The self-developed products of Lifan capsules have outstanding performance in function, design, value, economy and other aspects, attracting many exhibitors to stop to visit and understand the products.

In the future, Lifan Capsule will continue to practice the concept of technological innovation in pursuit of excellence, drive the pharmaceutical equipment industry to forge ahead on the road of quality revolution, and help the rapid development of the industry with automation, information and continuous pharmaceutical equipment.


Exhibits Introduction


Capsule/Tablet Weighing Machine


Accurate measurement of active ingredients is an important prerequisite for pharmaceutical production, and accurate weight calculation is of great significance in the preparation of preparations. Lifan capsule and tablet weighing machine adopts international advanced weighing technology, and is a fully automatic weighing and sorting equipment for 100 capsules and tablets designed and manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry. It has the characteristics of high precision, good stability, and reliable performance. Ensure that unqualified products are reliably eliminated, make drug production meet quality standards, ensure the safety of drug use, and effectively improve drug production efficiency.

Capsule/Tablet Weighing Machine MWS-90


Capsule/Tablet Weighing Machine MWS-125


hollow capsule feeding machine

Lefancaps CE30

It is a simple and efficient method to lift and transfer the hollow capsule to the capsule filling machine. The feeder uses a gentle low-speed airflow generated by a fan or blower to ensure that all capsules are transported smoothly without damage. An adjustable optical sensor controls the capsule level in the hopper of the capsule filling machine, automatically starting and stopping the capsule delivery cycle.

Hollow capsule feeder Lefancaps CE30



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