"Medicine" Opening Ceremony

On the morning of September 3, the large-scale humanities lecture "Medicine" of China Pharmaceutical University sponsored by our company was officially launched. Mr. Cao Shenghui, general manager of the company, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

In his speech, Mr. Cao Shenghui spoke about what kind of company Jiangsu Lifan Capsule Co., Ltd. is and the original intention of sponsoring this event.

Jiangsu Lifan Capsule has been providing hollow capsule production and service since 2001. Adhering to the start-up concept of "doing business instead of pursuing profits", the enterprise has rapidly grown into a well-known hollow capsule production and service provider in the industry and strived to open up the foreign trade market and move towards the international stage.

This activity is based on enriching students' campus life and understanding the new trends of China's pharmaceutical industry without leaving the campus. Secondly, the guests invited to the event are a group of entrepreneurs, officials, and industry experts who have succeeded or are on the road to success and have experienced failures. They will share their life experiences with students, so that students can understand the true meaning of life during the listening process and help Students take fewer detours on the road of life and make their dreams come true earlier.

Finally, the school leadership and Mr. Cao Shenghui jointly unveiled. In order to thank Lifan Capsule for its support, the school leaders awarded Lifan Capsule a souvenir with the characteristics of Pharmaceutical University. The launch ceremony ended successfully!







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