Schools and enterprises work together to seek development and cooperation.

On the morning of November 15, the autumn was crisp and sunny. The ceremony of donating Lingbi stone from Jiangsu Lifan Capsule Co., Ltd. was solemnly held next to the school administration building of China Pharmaceutical University. Mr. Cao Shenghui, general manager of Jiangsu Lifan Capsule Co., Ltd., Zhang Fuzhen, deputy secretary of the Party committee of China Pharmaceutical University, Yu Guangcong, Secretary of the Party committee of International Pharmaceutical Business School of China Pharmaceutical University, Fang Fang, deputy secretary, and representatives of teachers and students attended the donation ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Professor Ma Aixia, Dean of International Pharmaceutical Business School of China Pharmaceutical University.

Deputy Secretary Zhang Fuzhen first expressed her gratitude to Jiangsu Lifan Capsule Co., Ltd. on behalf of the school. She hoped that the school-enterprise cooperation would be in-depth, mutually beneficial and win-win, and that the friendship between the two sides would last forever like Lingbi Stone. General Manager Cao Shenghui congratulated the 80th anniversary of China Pharmaceutical University. He hoped that the school could cultivate more pharmaceutical talents and make greater contributions to the development of the pharmaceutical industry in China and the world. At the same time, he wished the school better and better. Mentor of the world pharmaceutical industry. Finally, the scene guests together for the Lingbi stone unveiling and group photo, the scene atmosphere into the climax.

This donation ceremony marks a new chapter in the cooperation between Jiangsu Lifan Capsule Co., Ltd. and China Pharmaceutical University. The two sides will further carry out multi-level, multi-form and multi-field cooperation to realize the organic combination and optimization of school-enterprise resources. configuration.







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