Levecaps has been successfully finished the CPhI India 2016 exhibition hold in Mumbai.

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On Nov 21st -Nov 23rd Levecaps successfully finished the CPhI India 2016 exhibition show in Mumbai.

CPhI & P-MEC India gave us an unprecedented insight into the future of pharmaceutical equipmentand machinery. The event highlights latest knowledge and trends in the industry. It is the best place for Levecaps to source quality machinery and equipment at competitive prices and to make career changing connections. 

It brings together more than 32,000 dedicated pharma professionals, whom spends three days of networking, business development and excellence.

At the exhibition, Levecaps showed the gelatin empty capsules, HPMC empty capsules, pullulan polysaccharide empty capsulesand liquid-filled capsule, with the specifications from 00el# ~ 5 # and so on, totally more than 40 varieties. A lot of potential customers gave a high recognition on Levecap’s products.

In addition,On this exhibition,We received new and old customers all over the world. Some well-known pharmaceutical companies

visited our booth for communication. Through the exhibition, both of suppliers and purchasers had wide communication about safety, quality and stability in hollow capsule manufacture. And some of them took this opportunity to our booth for a comprehensive quality audit, and to strengthen the cooperation between the two sides.

The CPhI India 2016 achieved a complete success, and it has obtained very satisfactory results. In this exhibition, Levecaps has received concern, trust and support from our new and old customers and other overseas pharmaceutical companies.

Thank you very much!