Lefan Capsule’s engineering center project has been completed and put into production

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EngineeringcenterprojectofJiangsuLefanCapsuleLimitedhasbeenformalcompletedandputintoproductioninAugust2017.  Thisprojecthasbeenspending2yearsfromprovidingtheplantocompletionandputtingintoproduction.Th

Engineering center project of Jiangsu Lefan Capsule Limited has been formal completed and put into production in August 2017.



This project has been spending 2 years from providing the plan to completion and putting into production. The total area of the engineering center is 450 square meters. It was built strictly according to GMP requirements. Hereinto, The D-grade purification area is 196 square meters. Engineering center is mainly used to produce liquid-filled capsules. The current production capacity is 300 million.

As a kind of two-section hard capsule, liquid-filled capsulesspecially designed for safe sealing liquid and semi-solid. The existing G-capsules, H-capsules and P-capsules can be used as carriers, which is applied in the liquid encapsulation technology of hollow capsules. It can be filled with liquid, pellets, small pieces, bags, one or more compound substances.



The liquid-filled capsule is a new type of medicine, has a lot of advantages:

To improve the stability of easy oxidation, moisture absorption and volatile drugs;

To change the dosage forms of some insoluble drugs;

With distinct visual features and wide adaptability;

With high transparency, sealing performance and toughness;

To prevent the counterfeit of brand or new product capsule;

Soft capsules can better mask taste and smell;

The research and development team of Lefan capsule can provide laboratory solution about micro dosing, micro pills, tablets from prescription R & D to the production according to customer's requirements. Our team helps customers determine the ideal dosage form and provides customers with processing services.