Using products and technological advantages to seek new opportunities for cooperation ——Lefancaps appeared in the German CPHI ex

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From 24th to 26th October, three-day German CPHI exhibition was held in Frankfurt. General manager of Lefancaps Shenghui CAO organized group participated in this exhibition. German CPHI attracted 5,500 professional customers from over 20 countries and regions to visit, negotiate and purchase. The customers were mainly from Europe, some from southeast Asia and the Middle East, while also bringing together a small number of other Asian, American and African pharmaceutical enterprises. Lefancaps’ s exhibition effect was generally good, and it was expected to establish long-term and stable cooperative relationship with pharmaceutical enterprises from around the world through this exhibition.

During this exhibition, our group consulted with buyers and suppliers from around the world. Our products caused widespread concern, especially plant capsule and liquid capsule, customers showed great interest. Many customers came to booth to ask product specification, certification, company qualification, etc.

Through three-day exhibition, Lefancaps had been able to understand product demand fully and intuitively in European. Lefancaps will choose liquid capsule as main product in European market; choose liquid capsule filling machine – Qualicaps, which can fully guarantee the stability and integrity of liquid capsules as technical advantage; choose high probability, bright and smooth capsule appearance, characteristics of non-sterilization process and special grain weight control as product advantage. Lefancaps will further open and occupy the European market and achieve the goal of selling 10 billion in European markets in two years.