API China Consistency Evaluation and Related Review Exchange Meeting (Zhenjiang Station) Held Successfully

On April 22, 2017, the "generic drug consistency and related review and approval exchange meeting" jointly organized by lifan capsule, national medicine Reed exhibition and China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association was successfully held in Zhenjiang.

The conference specially invited leaders and experts from the Drug Evaluation Center, the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Drug Control, as well as representatives of a group of outstanding enterprises in the industry, to exchange and discuss hot issues on the evaluation of generic drug quality and efficacy consistency and related review and approval.

After the meeting, Li Fan Capsule arranged a special event to visit the factory area, which was actively signed up by participating enterprises.

For consistency evaluation, we can provide the following services:

(1) Collaboration

Undertake the experiments on the capsule part of the in vitro dissolution work for customer consistency evaluation.

(2) Technical support

Regarding the inconsistent situation of capsules in the customer consistency evaluation work, Lifan can help them analyze the reasons, provide supplementary experiments and provide improvement ideas.

(3) Preparation technology

Co-study formulation improvement program.

(4) Free testing

According to the experimental scheme of consistency evaluation of a certain variety provided by the customer, samples, personnel, equipment and reagents are provided free of charge to carry out consistency evaluation in vitro dissolution work.

Lifan Capsule will participate in the 78th China International Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Intermediates, Packaging and Equipment Fair held by the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from May 16 to 18, 2017.

Booth number: 7.2G25 (special exhibition).

Sincerely invite you to visit the exchange, guidance!








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