Warm Congratulations of complete success on Lefan’s CIPM hold in Chongqing

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On April 23rd,The 51th CIPM exhibition ended in Chongqing international expo center,which lasted for four days.

On this exhibition,Lefan showed its products,which includes Gastric gelatine hollow capsule,enteric-coated gelatine hollow capsule,Gastric HPMC hollow capsule,enteric-coated HPMC hollow capsule and pullan polysaccharide hollow capsule,totally five styles and ten different kinds of specifications.The specifications are from 00el# to 5#.

At the same time,lefan is an agency of Japan mitsubishi group.The agent products are includes, Multi-purpose potion heavy gauge, tablets printer, UV laser printed label system,capsule weight inspector, automatic capsule filling machine, capsule sealing machine.Totally six types.These machines are deeply welcomed by oversea’s customers.

he four-day lasting exhibition,lefan severed old and new customers and medical colleagues.Especially,some phamaceutical enterprises came to lefan’s stand to had effective communication. Through the exhibition, the two sides of supply and demand have been through a wide range of communication on the topic of empty capsule’s safety , quality’s stability,capsule market and development prospects of pharmaceutical machinery.

Some pharmaceutical companies to take this opportunity to my company for a comprehensive quality audit, strengthen the understanding and cooperation between the two sides.Lefan has researched many cooperation intention with many pahrmaceutical companies and got expected target.

This CIPM chongqing have been achieved complete success and very satisfactory results.Hereby,Lefan sincerely thanks to all old& new customers and medical colleagues for their constantlycon