Lefancaps® successfully finished the Supplyside West 2018 in USA

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Lefancaps®successfullyfinished theSupplysideWest2018inUSANovember8th-9th,2018,Lefancaps(Jiangsu)participatedintheSupplysideWest2018inLasVegasUSA.SupplysideWestisthelargestprofessionalexhibitionofnatura

Lefancaps®successfully finished the Supplyside West 2018 in USA

          November 8th-9th ,2018, Lefancaps (Jiangsu) participated in the Supplyside West 2018 in Las Vegas USA. Supplyside West is the largest professional exhibition of natural plant extracts and health food ingredients in USA. The exhibition covers a very wide range. It is the vane of the USA Nutrition and health food market. 

          With the vigorous development of nutrition and health food, this exhibition attracts thousands of exhibitors. Lefancaps (Jiangsu) is the theme of the liquid-capsule and the III generation HPMC capsule. It is not only to communicate and discuss with the customers who come to visit, and nderstand the product special feature and demand of the USA market, but also greatly enhance the brand awareness and influence of the company. It lays the foundation for the future operation of the company in the USA market..