Lefancaps® successfully finished the Supplyside AAPS 2018 in USA

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Lefancaps® successfully finished the Supplyside AAPS 2018 in USA

      In 2018 November 4-7, AAPS launched a newest annual meeting at Washington DC. The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Foundation is the philanthropic arm of AAPS. Its mission is to provide meaningful financial support to scientists to advance research, education, and training for the discovery, development, and manufacture of drugs.

      AAPS brought together so many disciplines that help members understand the drug discovery, development, and post development processes. By helping me engage with all disciplines and giving me a venue to network with a broad variety of pharmaceutical scientists,

      Lefan as a one of member of aaps member. As the pharmaceutical industry evolves and changes, Lefan and among other members, who are able to come together, network, learn from each other, and thus build, move forward and grows as that happens.