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Application of new material coating material can obtain low moisture of hollow capsules and more harmoniously get along with hygroscopic contents. In the traditional coating material, through the synergy of functional materials, coating material can be helped to "resist" internal and external "bad" environmental impact


Technical Support
The global top TS team is proficient in IMA, BOSCH, MG2 and China's and other countries' stowage unit.


Liquid Filled Capsule:
It is a kind of two-section type hard capsule exclusively used in the safely sealed liquid and semi-solid. All of the existing gelatin hollow capsule, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose hollow capsule and pullulan polysaccharides hollow capsule, etc can be as the carrier to be used in hollow capsules liquid sealing and packaging technology.


Special Grain Weight Difference Requirements:
Select the world's most advanced American process guarantee system to make the relative temperature and humidity to be controlled in the target values: Within ±0.4% and ±0.2℃ constant scope and the grain weight automatic inspection machine difference is controlled in ±2mg to provide high-quality hollow capsules for customers.


Anti-character-changing Solution:
Through optimization of capsule material formula and simultaneously combining with application of capsule sealing technology, the original characters of contents can be maintained very well and protective effect can be played for contents.


Cooperative Research and Development:
Bring the access point of customer cooperation forward to the starting point of the product life cycle from the traditional pilot or mass production stage. Depending on many years of experiences and data accumulations, special research and development services can be provided in accordance with the customers' demands.

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