Lefancaps® has actively engaged in public welfare establishments, lending a helping land to people in need, participating in edu-aid projects, helping ethnic minority dropout students in remote areas overcome difficulties ever since its foundation in 2001. After the Wenchuan earthquake, we were one of the first JV enterprises that responded, organizing the staff to offer donations of money and materials as well as participating in "heart-warming activities" to help the senior without family during the post-disaster reconstruction.


Moreover, every year we repay the society by visiting the local firefighters, donating living supplies and medicines to the old in the nursing home, as well as providing common citizens with free products to.


Every year, Lefancaps® carries out the activity with the theme of "Make products responsibly", which spans 6 months, aimed at enhancing the staff's awareness of safety and stability, as well as strengthen the staff's sense of responsibility of "One should be responsible for products they produce". This activity obtained unanimous praise from Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration, and we made special report on it as an enterprise representative.


We have sponsored "Lefancaps® badminton open tournament" and "Lefancaps® basketball game" regularly since 2011, paying close attention of the staff's physical and psychological health, powerfully promoting the development of fitness exercises.

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